Contetstants 2023

Nabria McKenzie
Country: Guinea Bissau
Platform: “Financial Literacy”, breaking the cycle of poverty
Julieta Murane
Country: Mozambique
Platform: Protection and women's rights in the prison system
A’yshah kaba
Country: Ivory Coast
Platform: Advocacy for deaf people
Jeanne Kami
Country: Central Africa Republic
Platform: kids being force to join war to survive
Kadiatou Diallo
Country: Senegal
platform: Mental health and autism awareness
Elidine Mandzeyi Adzovie
Country: Gabon
Platform: Mental health
Nadege Gasaro
Country: Rwanda
Platform: Child abuse
Eugenia Dougall
Country : Liberia
Platform: Mental health
Aisha Ali
Country: Eritrea
Platform: Strength in vulnerability
Mariama Sesay
Country: Sierra Leone
Platform: Child abuse
Chloé kanda
Country: Congo RDC
Platform: Vulnerable Children
Victoria Yuoni
Country: Ghana
Platform: Multiculturalism in America
Dorica Phiri
Country: Zambia
Platform: Gender based violence
Gugulethu Sikosana
Country: South Africa
Platform: Art for the youths
Lizandra Mobou Fotso
Country: Cameroon
Platform: Mental health
Elidine Mandzeyi Adzovie
Country: Gabon
Platform: Mental health
Lillian kirungi
Country: Uganda