Marcelline Nyambi

Marcelline Nyambi (Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, and Motivational speaker) is the Chief Executive Officer of the Hampton Conference Center (, a premier banquet catering facility serving Maryland, Washington DC, and the Northern Virginia area. She oversees the entire operation of the facility, and she is passionate about event management and design. Indeed, she is the brain behind the designs and decorations at the Hampton Conference Center.  

Marcelline is also the Chief Executive Officer of Hampton Party Supply Rental (  A full-service equipment party rental company that serves Maryland Baltimore, Washington DC, and the northern Virginia area.

Marcelline is one of the initiators and co-founder of the Vincent Kewala Nyambi Foundation (, a non-profit organization with 501(C) status established in 2005. The foundation works to improve the living standards of underprivileged children orphaned by HIV/AIDS, HIV/AIDS-positive children, street children, and children who live with infected caregivers.

In addition to her other work, Marcelline is the Co-Chair of Hampton Group International ( A global firm whose mission is to bridge cultures through import and export of goods and services and real estate management.

Marcelline is also a registered nurse, with a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing from Bowie State University in Maryland, where she received an academic excellence award and was named the student most likely to succeed by her peers. In that same year, the Bowie State University Honor Society of Nursing presented her along with her other peers with the scholastic and leadership accomplishment award in the field of nursing. Currently, Marcelline is pursuing a Ph.D. at the University of Arizona with an emphasis on global health.

Marcelline has been a recipient of numerous awards including a Community Service Award from African Mirror Newspaper, Humanitarian Service Award from DeeDee Entertainment Awards. I AM SHE Arise Woman Award from the I AM SHE Women Power Conference and WODESS Woman of the year 2016 just to name a few. 

Her family and friends describe her as a passionista fashionista and someone who is driven, focused, disciplined, diligent, resilient, reserved, altruistic, and authentic. 

Marcelline believes that the purpose of life is a life of purpose, and success begins with purpose. When you understand your purpose, you achieve clarity, you gain a new perspective on your life, and you feel good about who you are, what you stand for, and where you are heading; an inner peace replaces the need to seek approval from others. Marcelline believes her purpose is to serve and to be a channel through which the Universal intelligence brings about attainment, alignment, and activation in the lives of others. She believes we all have been called to use who we are, our inner power, to elevate the higher good of someone else. Marcelline currently lives in Maryland with her loving and supportive husband Mr. Jude Nyambi, a seasoned entrepreneur and their two beautiful children, Kewala and Venessa.