Miss Ebony Africa

Throughout history, Africa has been labeled the dark and dejected Continent. The dispersed descendants of Africa have lost their culture. Therefore, we seek to educate the public on the rich African heritage by showcasing some typical African dances, attires, cuisines, stories, and the riches of the great Continent of Africa. We want them to see first hand the human and natural resources and invest in the economic development of Africa.
After Hosting Miss Ebony World in the USA on two occasions, we were inspired to create a venue for African descent to visit Africa and reconnect with their lineage. Emphasizing on their direct connection with the various African cultural nuances. The people and artifacts, environmental and eco-friendly lifestyle the world is obliged to protect. 
We strongly denounce violence and hate, prejudice, slavery, corruption, and xenophobic attacks and stand by those who have been forced not to talk and stand against the negativity that has been attached to the African continent and the people while reshaping human civilization.
Chanting respect and dignity, peaceful coexistence and unity for the development of Africa. Miss Ebony Africa’s final episode crowns a Bold and brave lady to champion the course to preserve the rights of all people. The message of unity to the world is grounded in Africa since the introduction of the year of return in Ghana. Be part of history. 
Join us to celebrate in Ghana.
During the event, each contestant will experience personal growth, embrace their identity as a proud African woman with elegance. Open to countable opportunities to earn a cash award, learn life values, build a lifetime friendship and be introduced to various skills.
Our vision:
We aspire to inspire the youth to take action on challenges confronting the world, be it man-made activities or natural disasters, through volunteerism and humanitarian engagements. The pageants will learn to be champions advocating for social justice like quality healthcare provision, promote climate change and environmental afforestation. These cumulative actions make the world a better place to live in. 
Our core values:
Embracing, Who I am “The African Woman”.
Learn the true beginning of the Africa ancestral story.
Encourage African descents particularly the youth to visit and build a connection with the motherland.
Emphasize the collaboration of African descent to feel at home and invest in Africa.
Promote the economic growth of Africa through intra and intercontinental trade.