Tendresse L. Messa: Miss Congo 2019

Liberty University May 2020 BS Healthcare Informatics Management Minor in Global and Public health

Miss Congo North Carolina | 2016

  • Held 3 “Cupcakes and CoreWa” sessions for teen girls ranging from ages 11years old -18years old ❖ Held 2 Ladies Lunches for the rape survivors seeking medical aid at the Panzi Hospital
  • Partnered with Lady Boss Jr to empower young women under the age of 18
  • Partnered with Mama Africa to showcase African beauty thought art and talent
  • Partnered with MADiff to fund an orphanage in 3 African countries
  • Organized the 2017 DRC Independence Day Soccer tournament which included over 12 different states within the USA 

Miss Congo USA 2 n d Runner UP Miss Africa USA |DRC Representative Miss RDC USA | 2018

  • Re-Imaged 4Congo to fit modern times
  • Partnered with the LisoloApp creators to educate all about the history, culture and traditions of the Congolese people
  • Will be holding a Ladies Lunch April of 2019 for women involvement within their respected communities
  • Partnered with Mama Africa for the Mama Africa Festival which celebrates African and Caribbean cultures
  • Partnered with EKOSIMBA bowties for men and women made from the surviving entrepreneurs of the Congo war
  • Partnered with the Charlo e Congolese Community for the 2018 DRC independence day celebration


Tendresse L. Messa SKILLS & ABILITIES

  • Medically certified in Emergency Response
  • CPR Certified
  • Self Defense Trainer
  • Youth Mentor
  • Sunday school Teacher
  • Writer/Director/Producer

    Powerful, Elegant and Calming.
    I am powerful because I believe God has given every woman a superpower that no man can take.
    I see myself as elegant, not only due to my upbringing in a traditional Congolese Christian household, but I am elegance because no matter what is thrown my way, I will always stand. Lastly, I would describe myself as calming, as the oldest child in my family, I learned to strategize better instead of worrying, and to understand and trust in the power of Jesus.

    The Democratic Republic of Congo is full of leaders but very few public female leaders. The role of Miss will not only act as a social bridge between the RDC and the USA though love, hope, understanding and diligence, which I exemplify, but a bridge that connects us all though the understanding of black history all over the world. Throughout my years of being a public advocate for women’s health, education, and public safety for the people of the DRC, I would be honored to continue to do so under the title Miss Ebony World in order to share all we know and love with our brothers and sisters across the world.

    My goal is to give a voice to those that are not heard by using my platform to share and engage discussions to stimulate solutions within our community. Not only ebony women, but all women are dignified in their own right. In a time where there is an abundance of positivity shinning on the Black/African communities, due to social media and movies, such as the Marvel/Disney movie, the Black Panther, I find it our responsibility to continue that narrative while speaking with leaders to better rural area, both here and abroad, as well as engaging with activists who are working towards bettering our communities.

    To build a boarding school for young children in 3rd world countries that will later build the economy and their country up!