OPENING NUMBER: (Delegates are not Judged here)

All contestants will perform together in an opening number which may be in the form of a dance routine. The music will be chosen and choreographed by Miss Ebony World subcommittee. This opening number will set the tone for the competition and the entire evening’s event. Right after this,

Contestants would briefly introduce themselves by mentioning a salutation, their name, age, slogan and sponsor ONLY during this introduction.



Contestants will model traditional clothing from the country in which they represent. During this segment it is custom to carry yourself with grace and stage presence emulating movements of whichever culture you are representing. This should not be more than 2 minutes. However, you are not Judge on the way you walk. Grab the mic and present your speech. What are the Judges looking for?

  • Information well researched.

  • Good sentence construction.
  • Speech is coherent and flows properly.
  • Absence of grammatical errors.
  • Diction & Clarity .
  • Good intonation.
  • No slurred speech.
  • Breathing is controlled.
  • Posture & Personality.
  • Good eye contact with audience.
  • Contestant well postured.
  • Contestant not pacing or tapping legs.
  • Naturalness & Overall Delivery.
  • Contestant looks comfortable and confident delivering speech.

This presentation is designed to educate the Judges and audience on​ various aspects of African history and culture. In no more than 3 minutes, you are required to showcase the Cultural ethics of Africa. Miss Ebony World culture speech focuses majorly on promoting the Culture of Africans through various platforms. To avoid having two delegates choose the same historical site, each of them will submit their projects to the organizing committee for approval. These are all embedded in the pageant as all contestants are exposed to various cultural activities such as showcasing traditional and cultural attires of various cultures, showcasing African made wears as well as cultural hairstyles which are all exciting platforms for Cultural ethics.


The talent appearance has always been an integral part of the Miss Ebony World Pageant. It is in this segment that the true Ebony is displayed in whatever talent performance the contestant exhibits. It can be a chosen talent or a combination of talents e.g. (Singing, drawing, dancing, drumming, dramatizing etc)

A member of the committee is required to see talent at least 3 weeks before show.

This is your opportunity to shine! Each contestant is allotted 3 minutes to demonstrate whatever talent that they so choose.

Please pay special attention to the content of the talent performance as it should be something that the audience can appreciate. It should also be appreciated overseas as a wide audience listens to the pageant via the World Wide Web.

Chaperones should speak with stage management ahead of time to ensure proper and smooth execution of the talent, if props are involved. They should also assist with the layout of the props. Please remember that Human props are not allowed. 

Please ensure that music is well recorded and in sequence, if music is involved.

*Descriptions: A type written description of Talent is required and would be read before contestant appear on stage. (Description will be read by a person selected by the committee) Write up and music should be emailed to on the 1st of August  2020 no later than 1:00pm.

Music should be in mp3 format

(All those who would be coming on stage to assist with props are required to wear White)


Each contestant is allowed three minutes to discuss the platform in which they’d like to educate the community on. Immediately following this segment, the top 10 will be announced. Ensure that you choose a platform in which you are well versed in, and that you dress modest and appropriately.

EVENING GOWN: (10 points)

Take advantage of this opportunity to showcase your personal style in an elegant full-length evening gown! Your statement making gown will be what you are crowned in if you should be chosen as the winner so be sure to chose something timeless. Judges are rating you based on style, elegance, and poise while you rock this western-fashion design.                          

  • Style & fit of clothing

  • Appropriate accessories

  • Makeup and hairstyle

  • Dress well made

  • Creativity                                          

  • Originality – not a recently worn dress

  • Creativity of the dress

  • Modeling

  • Carriage

  • Confidence

  • Grace

  • Style and variety of poses.

  • Overall finished look.

  • Contestant’s overall look.

  • Contestant looks admirable.

INTERVIEW: (10 points)

The interview portion of the evening allows you to demonstrate your knowledge in regard to your platform. Questions will be based upon each individuals’ platforms, values, and overall knowledge. The questions are selected at random and are asked to the top 5 and top 3 contestants. The delegates would be given a list of topics prior to the pageant from which the questions would be derived.

May I fund-raise, or seek sponsors?

Seeking sponsors and fundraising are perfectly acceptable in this competition. In fact it is a great way to spread the word about the pageant throughout the community!

Am I required to stay at the hotel?

Yes. As a part of our partnership with the hotel it is a requirement that all participants stay as guests.


$400 application fees from each contestant, are used to pay the costs of processing contestant applications. For example, in order to respond to a sister’s specific questions  regarding the MEW it involves work from an institutional executive, a local and national clerical staff, the electronic mailing departments. In addition to helping defray the high cost of processing applications, the fee serves as a deterrent to Those who would waste the MEW’s time and money in processing their applications, when, in fact, they are not serious  about entering the pageant as  contestants.

Miss Ebony World Most Humanitarian

Every delegate, as part to her humanitarian work, is required to request and put aside humanitarian supplies (not money) to be donated in Africa by the winner

More questions?

If you have a question that is not addressed on this page, please feel free to contact the director  at 360-820-4963

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