The benefits of the Pageant

Ever since I was young, when someone talked about pageants, I scrunched up my nose and tuned them out. You see, in my mind pageants were designed ONLY for the skinny and slim, the beautiful and flawless skinned girls. To be in a pageant you needed to have the nice slender long legs and eat

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Black history month celebration

Black history month In the United States the month of February is observed to celebrate Black history month. We use this month to remember the important contributions and achievements of African Americans throughout our nation’s history. But even more than this, we can size the opportunity to remember too- offen neglected accomplishment of black in

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Way to go #misssouthsudan !

Way to go #misssouthsudan ! Hope Helena Is investing in her community service on a regular basis through volunteering, activism, fundraising, outreach and education. It’s important to look beyond the crown and have a greater vision for your service. You become a Miss —- by walking the walk everyday.

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