The African Descent Network

The African Descent Network , “ADN”  which is the French version of the English word ” DNA ” allows us to have a conversation within the African diaspora. 
The African diaspora is experiencing division and this is slowing us down!
We recently realized that they were challenges that needed to be addressed.
 Such as comparison, division, hatred.
We are not referring to the white man’s attitudes towards us. We are looking deeply within ourselves to see what needs to be resolved.
Through this platform, we seek to bridge the gap to stop hatred, prejudice, self enslavement, corruption, xenophobia , and promote unity, love, oneness. We are Hoping to stand against the negativity that have been attached to the African continent and his people while reshaping human civilization.
It bothered us to hear people say that the African diaspora is blaming other people while they can’t even come together as one to address a cause.
Your participation at this event will help us champion the fight against disunity and division while creating awareness on the negative effect it has on us. Also, not forgetting to take a message of unity to the world since this year is the year of return.  
After realising that the African diaspora was experiencing division because of prejudice, we realised the importance of having a venue for conversation.
The challenges we are facing include comparison, division, hatred.
On the 25th, We will discuss questions such as : 
Have you ever felt less than or judged by a person of color? Can you share the circumstances surrounding those times?
Do you feel confident going back to the mother land and connect to your roots??
If not, why?
How do you think first Nation African will react with the massive African American relocating to Africa?
Have you thought about the challenges they could encounter?
Why is it important to create spaces to talk with African Descents?
What kind of conversations should we be having with our children?
What conversations should we have within our culture?
When was your first experience with an African Immigrant?
Do you know the original truth about your ancestors?
What are some uncomfortable truths that we do not admit publicly about Africans?
How do we as a the African diaspora community reclaim our worth ??
What do you think of the year of return?
What does Diversity and inclusion means to you?
Social justice and equity,
How do you understand this?
What does slavery and colonialism have to do with it?

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